Why do we concentrate so much of our marketing energy on Google?

It may seem a strange question when Google is unquestionably the king, even emperor of search. However, bear with me, because what you really need is to have an eggs in many small baskets, not all your eggs in one large one. Obviously if you can rank well in Google then you can expect to get business. Yet at any time, Google can change the way it ranks sites and all your business can instantly disappear.

That’s the inherent weakness in having all your eggs in that one large basket.

Let’s look at what happens if you have all your eggs spread around in little baskets. Well for a start, it doesn’t matter what Google does because you don’t depend on that basket. If you get some traffic from Google all well and good. But if the mighty Google does flip out, you don’t lose all your traffic. That means you have time to re-think what you do so you can get back into the good graces of the mighty god Google.

So where are these other baskets?

They are social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, local directories like Brown Book, review sites like Yelp and Angie’s list. Then there are industry blogs where you can post thoughtful comments articles to write and post, press releases to be written and posted. Each one of these includes a link or signpost back to your site. So the more you have spread across the internet, the more people will find them, and the more people will find your site.

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Re-Generating Local Economies

Small businesses today need to be marketing their local business on-line, on social media sites as well as with internet marketing. Unless they do, more and more will suffer.
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