Video or not?

Is Video Really The Marketing Cure All?

So many ‘experts’ are telling small, medium and of course large businesses that they should be using video in their marketing mix. Some go so far as to say you ‘must’ have videos or you’ll ‘fail’. The link below will take you to an article that details how the growth of video is set to keep expanding.

I don’t think anyone would argue with that, but does it follow that without video you will somehow fail? I personally don’t think so, I mean consider this, with all those videos out there and, more being added every second, it’s pretty much in the lap of the internet god (or is that Google) as to whether your particular video gets found. If it does get found is it worth watching? There is the crux of the matter, videos are only really ‘marketing miracles’ if they in some way catch the attention of people and make them laugh, cry, get angry, feel great or in some other way engage their interest enough for them to pass it on.

Sure, a video posted on line gives a link back to your site then that is and of itself useful, if you have that one video posted on ten video sites, then you get ten links. Where video comes in is if you can create one hundred videos and post each of those on ten video sites…………. Well you do the math.

Will those videos go viral? It depends, what are you selling and what have you come up with as the content of your video. Take blenders for example. Blendtec thought outside the box when trying to promote their blenders and so, decided to film the blender trying to blend and ……..iPhone and many other strange and wonderful things.

Can you think outside the box? If you can and you can create videos that astound, entertain, engage and create an urge to share then yes, videos can be and are, amazing marketing tools. But you have to think outside the box or you’ll sink into the sea of mediocrity that is video land.

Here is a list for you of the top video sites along with their page rank, all free to sign up, so get your camera out and then ……

Lights! Camera! Action! (STRICTLY NO ADS) PR8 PR 4 PR 6 PR 4 PR 3 PR 4 PR 7 PR 4 PR 5 PR 9 PR 9 PR 6 PR 4 PR 8 PR 9 PR 4 PR 4 PR 6 PR 9

If you decide to create accounts and post videos, don’t forget that to make the most of them, you’ll need to promote each and every account.

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