how do you motivate staffHow do you motivate others? There are many books written on how to overcome procrastination in ourselves but how do we over come lethargy, disinterest and procrastination in others?

After all, if we’re talking about staff the mood they’re in, whether positive and motivated or negative and disinterested can and does have an effect on our bottom line profits. After all, how many times have you been in a place of business and been upset with the attitude of the person dealing with you?

Turn this around and imagine one of your staff was treating your customers in the same manner. How pleased would you be that your customers were leaving your business with that negativity for St in their mind? What sort of report are they likely to give others about your business and, is that report in any way going to help build your business brand in a positive way?

Remember that every one involved in your business is also involved in selling your business, even where their job description does not include the word ‘sales’. How? Because they are the face of your business every time they interact with a customer, prospective customer or even just mention who they work for.

Think about it, in a casual setting we discuss who we work for, where we work, the people we work with and the customers we deal with. Positively motivated staff will speak in a positive manner, on the other hand, those whose ‘take on their employer and workmates is negative will do the opposite.

Motivation then is key in maintaining a good atmosphere for customers and workers but in keeping staff turnover low, where dedicated sales staff are concerned it’s important to keep motivation high or that will translate into lower sales and lost revenue.

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