How Search Engine Optimization is like Quantum Physics

how seo is like quantum physicsA strange title you may think but wait – haven’t you ever wondered what’s so mysterious about SEO that only ‘specialists’ can do it?

Well let’s see if we can clear the mists of confusion shall we?

In quantum physics they postulate a ‘field’ of energy that permeates the universe, rather like the internet which pervades our everyday life and affects even those who don’t know it exists, don’t believe it exists or think it’s the work of the ‘devil’.

It runs through all aspects of life and continually regenerates itself almost as if by magic.

The universe is made up of atoms plus other ‘stuff’ (dark matter for one, which again may or may not exist as it’s something that seems to have been invented because without it the universe just shouldn’t work).

The internet is made up of web pages plus other ‘stuff’ (like nodes which somehow must exist or the internet just wouldn’t work).

So we have two components now that are found in quantum physics.
The Field = The World Wide Web (The Internet)
The Atom = A Web Page

What does the universe do though? Provides an environment where life in all its diverse forms can survive and in some cases thrive.
What does the internet do? Provides an environment where life (business) in all its many forms can survive and in some cases thrive.

Hmmm, getting quite spooky now isn’t it!!

Let’s dig deeper and see just what a web page needs to not only survive but grow and thrive. It needs structure and, as I’ve likened it to an atom I guess we can continue the analogy by saying that it needs a nucleus (subject matter) and electrons spinning around it to keep it together (content).

Those will keep it alive of course but what else does it need?

In physics, scientists say there should be something they’ve named a Higgs Boson particle, sometimes referred to as the ‘god’ particle. Sounds to me like they’re describing the mythical ‘guaranteed number one’ place on Google. Everyone talks about it and many say they have it but as yet, have no real proof that it exists.

The Higgs Boson is also said to give ‘weight’ to any other atom it comes into contact with. Again sounds like that mythical Google guarantee, being number one on Google would certainly give a web page ‘weight’.

Now of course we’ve all heard of spam, it too surrounds and travels through everything. Rather like the weird and difficult to catch neutrino, a particle so small it can slip through other particles without getting caught. So next time you find a result in the search engines that just doesn’t make sense you’ll know you’re very close to finding a neutrino. Just remember, it’s a slippery customer and will slip through your fingers and pop up somewhere else!

When as an SEO practitioner (just like scientists there’s always something new to discover or an experiment to run), you want to ‘guarantee’ a first place rank in Google, you will often try and find or create a piece of ‘viral’ content – something so compelling that it takes on a life of its own and generates lots of interest and links.

Let me introduce you to the quark, in physics something that is thought to exist and is a fundamental component of matter. One of those things that ‘a friend of a friend swears he’s seen’ difficult to find in real life but which scientists say must exist.

Viral content is like that, we know it exists because we can see the results but pinning down exactly what makes content ‘viral’ still eludes us.

So there you have it, the quantum explanation of SEO – the reason why sometimes nothing makes sense and things that shouldn’t work do and also why things that should work don’t.
SEO is 90% common sense and hard work and 10% chaos and quantum so next time someone tells you they can guarantee you a number one rank on Google tell them they don’t know their E=MC squared from a Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

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