Google Plus 1 vs Facebook Smart Lists

Is Facebook fighting back against Google +1?

Once again the fight is on between two Internet giants. On one side we have the ‘daddy’ of the search engines, Google. On the other side, we have the ‘daddy’ of social networking, Facebook.
Since Facebook became in Googles own words ‘a concern’ with the number of searches they were getting, everyone has been waiting for Google’s response. It came in the guise of the Plus 1 button and Google ‘Circles’. These were circles of friends and contacts you had in your Gmail account.

Websites would display the +1 button and if a visitor liked the site, Google would show not only the number of people who’d ‘plus 1′ed’ the site. It would show a picture (the profile image) of the person who’d voted for the site to all the people in their Gmail circles.

Predictions were made that this would change the face of search, because why wouldn’t you click on a result when you see photos of your friends next to the link all silently recommending that site?
Yet there were problems, after all, the Google +1 button only showed if you actually had a g-mail account and, were signed in to that account. If not, the button was invisible.

Now Facebook is fighting back. For some time, you have been able to sort your contacts into lists. Not many people bothered though, but maybe that will change.

Now Facebook has brought out ‘Smart Lists’ and a new ‘privacy’ setting that allows you to decide who you will share individual posts with. Because people didn’t really take to the ‘List’ feature, Facebook has made it automatic, so it will sort your friends into lists for you.

Will this halt Google’s advance in to the social media world? Only time and you will tell – what it does mean is that you shouldn’t put all your SEO eggs in one basket.
Remember to diversify your efforts to account for both of these giants. That way whichever one wins, so will you!

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