Facebook privacy row rumbles on

So now Facebook are going to remove the photo tagging feature for Europe. This is a feature that’s been a part of Facebook forever, or so it seems! Personally I like that my family and friends can tag me in a photo, it let’s me know when a new one has been uploaded and, let’s me know they were thinking of me.

Why I wonder can’t it just be added to privacy settings at a personal level, as a default so that to turn it on means you have to elect to do something rather than the other way round. The continual rumblings about Facebook and privacy make no sense. If someone doesn’t want the world to know what they’re up to, don’t join Facebook.

What about Wikipedia? Contributors can create Bio pages about people, give all sorts of personal information and post a photo or two. The same can be said about free blogging platforms, you can post information including photo’s about anyone, as long as it’s not offensive.

Small businesses are becoming more aware of the way information can be released about them and their business by seemingly unrelated people, on review sites like Yelp and Qype. On local directories like Google Local + and Bing Maps.

One has to wonder how all this can be monitored, or is it a conspiracy against Facebook because despite all the grumblings and complaints it’s grown so huge?

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