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How Search Engine Optimization is like Quantum Physics

A strange title you may think but wait – haven’t you ever wondered what’s so mysterious about SEO that only ‘specialists’ can do it? Well let’s see if we can clear the mists of confusion shall we? In quantum physics

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Keywords, keywords we all want the best keywords.

What are the best types’s of keywords? A conundrum that confuses many people, it’s very tempting to go for the most popular industry keywords on the basis that if you get on page one you’ll get loads of buyers to

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Why Are You doing SEO?

Why do you have a website? Do you ever ask either of these questions? I mean, do you have a website for the same reason you first got a fax machine? Is a website what all businesses should have? Don’t

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The penguin update explained – infographic

Are you wondering what a penguin has to do with your site? Google updates are often missed because they change very little if anything on the search results page. Sometimes however Google does something that really does upset the apple

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Re-Generating Local Economies

Small businesses today need to be marketing their local business on-line, on social media sites as well as with internet marketing. Unless they do, more and more will suffer.
If you have an idea you'd like to share that may help local economies survive and thrive, please feel free to post.