Business at the speed of digital.

OK, so you’re in business, either just starting or well established and, you’re thinking about dipping your toe into the digital market place. Here’s the question, how long have you been thinking about it? A week? A month? 6 months? Are you waiting to make sure you’ve assessed and re-assessed the pro’s and con’s? Are you waiting for your partners to agree? Are you wondering who should actually ‘do it’ whatever ‘it’ is?

local economies need digital marketingWell I have news for you, you’re already too late because one of your competitors has just gone out and ‘done it’. Not only that, while they were learning, they got into conversation with people and asked questions, then they discovered a very profitable niche that they started to serve with truly excellent service. That led them to customers of yours who decided to switch because while they liked what you offered, they LOVE what your competitor now offers.

These digital shoppers weren’t buying actual ‘stuff’ online, they were looking for a local supplier just like you. they wanted to know what others thought of you (and your competition) they compared prices and service, they looked to see if others were satisfied with the product/service and, they wanted to know how you handled mistakes and complaints. All this regardless if the were buying a cheap throw away pen or a brand spanking new car, including everything in between.

Once they found your competitor, you know, the one who jumped into the digital pool while you were still ‘thinking about it’ they started to tellĀ theirĀ friends and family, who in turn became happy customers and started to tell their friends and family. In fact, while you were still ‘thinking about it’ your competition not only stole some of your regular customers, they did they same to other businesses in your local market/industry and are now opening another branch. They’ve now head hunted some of your best staff (why would they take the ones who weren’t that good?) so your service just got worse and your costs have gone up and, your profits are slowly declining.

The moral is, don’t keep ‘thinking about it’ get in there and ‘do it’ because if you don’t, before you know it, you’ll be gathering dust in the annals of those who could but didn’t because they were too busy ‘thinking about it’!


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Re-Generating Local Economies

Small businesses today need to be marketing their local business on-line, on social media sites as well as with internet marketing. Unless they do, more and more will suffer.
If you have an idea you'd like to share that may help local economies survive and thrive, please feel free to post.